Grimmwald Caskdrainer

Dwarf Paladin of Redemption


Max HP: 48
AC: 19
STR: 16
DEX: 11
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 15
CHA: 16

Sacred Oath: Redemption
Fighting Style: Protection


Grimmwald Caskdrainer is the Son of the famous beer brewer Grimmweld Caskdrainer of Split Rock Hollow in the land of Toril. The Caskdrainer famous ‘Restoration Brew’ is known throughout the world for its restorative properties and is a coveted item for many an adventurer. Grimmwald spent much of his early life side by side with his father Grimmweld in their family brewery learning the secrets of the trade and honing his skill as a brew master. Grimmwald truly lived up to his family name of Caskdrainer as he was soon known as the greatest drinker in the city, maybe even the world. He could drain a barrel of Ale faster than anyone in living memory, a feat that made his father immensely proud. In his 49th year, at the city’s annual Cask Drain Drinking Competition, an event that draws adventurers from all over the region, Grimmwald found himself in the final round face to face against a mysterious mystic. No one knew how this scrawny teifling was keeping up with the best dwarven drinkers of Toril but Grimmwald didn’t care, he knew there was no way he could be defeated as he was the 9 time undefeated champion. Draining 12 casks of Ale in 1 hour Grimmwald won by a full cask over this mysterious figure. In his victory he was overcome with pride and instead of shaking hands with his vanquished foe, as is tradition, he took the remaining cask and drained it over the head of the teifling. Moments later the lights went out in the brewery and a high squeaky voice came from his dripping foe. ‘You are a fool Grimmwald Caskdrainer, and soon your hubris shall be your end, or is it just your beginning?’ The lights flashed and the teifling was gone. The whole crowd erupted in laughter at the small creature’s pathetic threat and voice and cheered for Grimmwald as he proved no creature can beat a dwarf in a drinking contest. On his 50th birthday, Grimmwald was made partner by his father to become a true sworn brew master in the family business. Soon after this happy moment in his life, tragedy struck the Caskdrainer Family. Grimmwald in his elation of his new position and the pride his father had in him made a mistake when preparing the family recipe. The result was a poison so nefarious that a dwarves’ natural resistance to poison provided no relief. A party was held in honor of Grimmwald’s new position as brew master where his first batch of Restoration Brew could be tasted by the community. Hundreds died as they toasted to Grimmwald’s success … including his own father. The city folk were stricken with anguish and filled with rage at the Caskdrainer family. A mob set fire to the family brewery that very night. Grimmwald, stricken with grief and on the verge of madness, managed to save the family recipe from the flames that ravaged the brewery that fateful night. Sneaking through a delivery tunnel in the basement of the brewery, Grimmwald fled his home city never to return.

Grimmwald spent years wandering the mountains of his homeland as he put as much space between himself and the city of Split Rock Hollow. He knew he could never return and knew not what to do with his shattered life. One day, as he approached the edge of the land of Toril, Grimmwald found himself camping in a clearing beside a pool fed by a tall, thin waterfall. As he slept, he was ravaged by a dream of the night he destroyed his family and his life, a dream that has haunted him nearly every night of his long journey. But something was different, there was a new voice, one he had never heard before in his life. It said to him, ‘Mercy and forgiveness can be yours, every creature on this plane of existence deserves a chance to follow the true light. I offer you redemption and a new life. Wash your sins away in the water of this pool tonight and you will know peace my brother.’ Grimmwald woke with a deep apprehension. He thought himself madder than the day he fled Split Rock Hollow but he knew no future for himself. With weak and weary hands he stripped and lowered himself into the pool of moonlight. Grimmwald felt drawn by the falling water in front of him and walked through the falls. As he passed through and the water fell over his head he saw before him wedged in the shallows a gleaming white shield glittering in the refracted moonlight. On it was emblazoned an image of a waterfall plunging into a still black pool. Grimmwald fell to his knees before this holy relic. In his head he heard the voice in his dreams. ‘I am Grimm Shieldwal, first chosen of the dwarven god Galbor, the great redeemer. I have anticipated your arrival for many centuries Grimmwald Caskdrainer. I have much to teach you but first you must decide. Take up my shield and begin down the path of true redemption, or go on living the life of a broken dwarf.’ Grimmwald rose shakily, he thought to himself, how could a dwarf who killed so many in blind hubris deserve any kind of redemption. He looked into the image of the still pool beneath the crashing water and knew that his life had already begun to change. Grimmwald stepped forward and lifted the shield from the rock socket it stood in and felt a wave of calm fall over him.

For nearly a year Grimmwald Caskdrainer traveled in a straight line, though he knew not where he was going. Grimm Shieldwal did not speak to him since that night he found the tower shield beneath the waterfall in the pool of still moonlight, and at times he thought he was a crazy fool who dreamed up the entire encounter. But every night when he made camp he took that gleaming white shield with the emblazoned black waterfall falling on a still black pool off his back and knew he had a purpose. Nearly a year after his encounter at the pool Grimmwald came across a monastery set into a steep river valley. Above it was a long thin waterfall that dissipated into a million droplets of water as it fell from the cliff face. Grimmwald knew he had arrived. Grimmwald entered the monastery grounds to shocked stares from the dwarves living in this small alcove. Grimmwald knew why they all gaped at him when he looked up and saw a faded painted statue of a Paladin Warrior in white plate and a tower shield emblazoned with a black waterfall falling on a still black pool, a statue that eerily resembled himself. Grimmwald learned there of The Brothers Grimm, who inhabited the Redemption Falls Monastery, an order of Paladins who have faithfully served the Dwarven god Galbor since their founding member Grimmwald Shieldwal first shared his teachings. Grimmwald spent several years studying under the masters of the monastery preparing to take his oath of redemption and learning the ways of a Paladin of Redemption. He learned of the tenants of the faith: Peace, Innocence, Patience, and Wisdom and in time embodied all four. At the day of his Oath Ceremony the masters presented him with the Tower Shield bearing the black waterfall falling into a still black pool and said kneel Grimmwald Caskdrainer. Grimmwald placed his hand on the shield and recited his oath.
‘I am a Brother Grimm, I swear to uphold the tenants of Redemption given to us by our holy god Galbor,
Peace – violence is my last resort, the words and the forgiveness of Galbor can heal all things,
Innocence – all things are made righteous and it is the darkness of the world that draws creatures away from the love and light of Galbor,
Patience – wickedness cannot always be banished immediately, time brings all creatures back to the love and light of Galbor,
Wisdom – some beings are too far down the path of evil, Galbor instills me with the knowledge to know and strength to smite these damned creatures.’
The masters said in unison, rise now Brother Grimm as a Paladin of Redemption and redeem those who have strayed from the light.
Grimmwald set out that night in search of his destiny.

Grimmwald Caskdrainer

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